• Teachers‘ personal concept of map skills development

    The national curriculum in some countries is formulated relatively loosely and gives schools and individual teachers freedom to implement their concept of teaching, including map skills development. However, in countries with a strict national curriculum, map skills development can vary from school to school and between geography teachers at the same school.

    Personal conceptions of the development of map skills are highly individual. It can be likened to a fingerprint; no one else has it the same. Many of us have this concept constructed intuitively. However, it is helpful to formulate it explicitly for the systematic development of map skills. This can be a challenging task, requiring some distance from our practice and, subsequently, consideration of the preferences and importance we devote to map skills in our teaching.

    Within the form below, not only will you formulate your personal conception and then download your results in PDF protocol, but the form will also automatically offer you some recommendations for further development of your teaching.