• Map skills and their development is one of the crucial topics of geographical education at all levels and as such, it deserves sufficient attention in the research in the field of geographical education. The research in this area, together with the implications of the results for the teaching practise, is the focus of the map skills research group at the Center for Geographic and Environmental Education Centra geografického a environmentálního vzdělávání at the Faculty of Science, Charles University.

    These are some of our research topics:

    - assessment of map skills of students aged 11, 15 and 18

    -identification of map skills development within secondary education

    - identification of factors influencing map skills of different groups of people

    - assessment of the influence of the map type and type of map skills on the level of work with a map

    - typology of teachers of geography according to their personal approach to teaching map skills

    - students’ misconceptions when working with different thematic

    - students’ strategies of analysing and interpreting maps

    The research topics are dealt with within research projects at our faculty, but also in theses or our students. Thanks to this, the number of topics is increasing as well as the number of the members of our research group. One of the outputs of our work is the application for map skills development. The application is available under “application” in the menu.

    This application was created in a wider project (Adaptivní aplikacerozvoje mapových dovedností, TAČR, no. TL02000302